Life is too short for regrets — so giving up is not an option

Janelle Malone writes that wealth is much, much more than money in the bank. For a truly "rich" life, you need to satisfy all of your goals.
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"How do you feel," Sasha asked Abby, kindly. "Miserable, highly miserable is how I feel," Abby snapped back. It had been three days, two hours and 34 minutes since she had got home from the hospital and she didn't even want to count the weeks, days and hours left in her recovery before she could walk again.

Initially, Abby thought some couch time would be great. She could go through client reviews, organise teleconference hook-ups and get up to date with her workload. But she had completely lost her motivation. She was tired and grumpy, she felt like she'd not showered properly and when she did, she had nurses to help her - just another irritation in Abby's book.

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"Does money really buy happiness? Not for me, not today!" Abby really was in a foul mood.

"People aren't always rational when it comes to recovery," Sasha said, trying to appease her friend. "Your body is exhausted. You need to give yourself time."

But it was cold comfort to Abby, who was coming to terms with the fact that despite all her wealth, protection and financial sense, she was actually very much alone. Until now, she'd been too busy with her career and following her "plan" to take notice. Yes, she had her good friends, but there was no significant male person in her life to be there for her … and it was really getting her down.

"What's wrong," asked Sasha. "All this feeling sorry for yourself is just not you."

"I guess I'm just feeling vulnerable and frustrated," sighed Abby. The two girls sat in companionable silence. Sasha knew there was little she could say to make her friend feel better.

"Did you know," Abby continued after a while, "about 10 years ago, I ended a relationship, and for some reason, I'm kind of regretting it now?"

Sasha couldn't believe her ears. As far as she and the others knew, there had never been anyone serious in Abby's life.

"And now, I'm 38, with too many ex-men to count. Do I stay single or do I settle for a 'good enough' mate? At this point, certainly, falling in love and getting married may be less a matter of choice than a stroke of wild luck.

"I guess I let work take over," Abby said, more to herself than anyone else.

Sasha felt guilty. She'd been lucky. Her life had fallen into place according to plan - without her even realising it. But for Abby, things had changed. The accident had put her life in perspective and she was realising that her plan, while brilliant at helping her achieve her wealth goals, was letting her down on the personal front. She felt depressed and alone.

As Sasha leant forward and gave Abby a big hug, Abby made a new plan. From now on, she was going to create space to let that special someone in.

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Wealth is much, much more than money in the bank. For a truly "rich" life, you need to satisfy all of your goals.

It's never too late. Too many women give up on their ambitions too easily, and often for the simplest and most unnecessary of reasons.

Abby is not alone, and you are not alone either. Whether you're unhappy with your love life, floundering in your career or disappointed with your financial progress, it is never too late.

Don't do regret, don't do guilt, do something now.

Janelle Malone is a writer, blogger and commentator on personal finance. You can contact her at for any further financial questions you may have