You have campaigned recently for curbs on jet skis: I watched horrified and disgusted on Friday at the antics of a lone wave-rider in the waters off Meena in Abu Dhabi.

You have campaigned recently for curbs on jet skis: I watched horrified and disgusted on Friday at the antics of a lone wave-rider in the waters off Meena in Abu Dhabi. The young man, obviously bored without any companions, for fun began chasing a cormorant that was peacefully fishing a few hundred yards offshore. He rode straight at the bird, which dived to escape. He then waited for it to surface, and rode straight at it again. This happened two or three times more until the bird, by now tiring, took to its wings to escape. At top speed, the skier harried the bird until it flopped to the water exhausted.

I couldn't clearly see what happened next, as the pair were now some way offshore, but it looked as though the rider ran straight over the cormorant. What was certain was that the jet skier rode off, and I did not see any more of the bird. Not only do jet skiers need to learn how to handle their machines safely, to stop showing off and to keep away from swimmers, but some obviously need lessons in basic humanity and the need to preserve the UAE's dwindling wildlife.

A couple of months ago, Rym Ghazal wrote about a jet ski trip she took with a couple of officers from the police Swat team, who delighted in showing her the marine fauna in the waters off Abu Dhabi, "The SWAT squad arrive ... with jet skis and swimming suits" (May 29). Perhaps these men could be persuaded to patrol our shores at weekends and prevent any more of the senseless cruelty that I was forced to witness on Friday. Angela Braxton, Abu Dhabi

I would like to thank Tala al Ramahi for saying what needed to be said about women's beaches, or the lack of, in Abu Dhabi "Women in abayas should have a public beach too" (August 6). The same problem exists in Sharjah. Mamzar does not have ladies' only days, and only members are allowed in the Sharjah ladies' club (SLC) at the weekends. You cannot even get into the SLC with a member on the weekends, and going to the beach on a weekday costs Dh50. More and more, I see a marginalisation of women in the hijab, especially women in the niqab. I hope that stops, and I hope the responsible people read your article and get their act together. Justina Min, Sharjah

I, for one, do not know how to use a self-service filling station, and am sure many others are like me, "Enoc rolls out self-service petrol" (August 7). So, when petrol stations decide to do such things, they need to prepare people beforehand. I do not mind the idea, but for sure I will mind when they just say: "It is self service, do it yourself." Al Abeer, Ras al Khaimah

I was fascinated by the article "Blowing the bills Skype-high" (August 5). I have tried and tried again to use Skype to contact my family in the UK, but it is blocked by Etisalat for "not conforming to custom and tradition". Perhaps the writer could explain how he accessed the service? Colin and Maggie Hannan, Abu Dhabi

Bush criticises China in its treatment of dissidents, yet accepts Israel's policy of state-sponsored assassination. What a truly pathetic piece of pure politicking. SM Halpern, Dorset, UK

If sustainability was at the forefront of people's minds, then more would take part in the recycling initiatives. We need to drum it into our youth how important it is to reuse and recycle. I hope the model for the upcoming Masdar city will serve as a good example for the country and the region as a whole. Mohamed al Junaibi, Abu Dhabi

Published: August 9, 2008 04:00 AM


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