Hiring full-time maid on spouse’s visa is allowed, but not easy

Keren Bobker answers a reader's question about hiring a full-time maid.

I am considering taking on a full-time maid who would have to live out. I have met a woman that I would like to hire who is here on her husband’s visa. He has a proper Abu Dhabi residency visa with his employment and she is on a spouse’s visa. Is she allowed to work for me if I get her a labour card? I have heard of cases where this has happened, but others say it’s not possible so I am very confused. JM, Abu Dhabi

As far as I am aware this can be done, although applications are not always approved as a maid is supposed to be sponsored by the employer or by an agency. It is more likely to be possible if you can deal with an experienced PRO to assist you. She has to have a valid UAE residency visa and your husband will have to provide the labour card and a suitable contract of employment. The labour card is obtained from the Ministry of Labour and you will need to contact them directly for the relevant paperwork. Do make sure she has a proper visa, and if it says “housewife not permitted to work” you need a letter of no objection from her husband.

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Published: May 30, 2014 04:00 AM


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