Embrace the worldwide web and become global

Only a tiny fraction of companies in the region have a website. Experts explain what to do in order to create a successful one and grow business - with video.

Businesses in the region should act and think global even if they're small, experts say. But truly becoming international also requires some technological investments.

Mosaic Marble was just a small company with big ambitions when it started out a decade ago. After creating a network of Websites and investing in online advertising the Lebanon-based business has pushed annual revenues to more than US$1 million.

Yet only 10 per cent of companies in the Middle East and North Africa actually have a Website, and the majority of those are "not that great," says Mohamad Mourad, the regional manager for the Gulf region at Google.

"You might be a small shop but sell the best chocolate in Dubai," Mr Mourad adds. "Tell your story and let users comment on your product. Lots of tourists come to Dubai. Make it easy for them to find you."

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Published: July 3, 2011 04:00 AM


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