Canon EOS M10 review: A pro-looking camera without the hassle

This camera is remarkably devoid of knobs, buttons, sliders and meters and needn't break the bank either.

The Canon EOS M10 can also shoot video in full HD. Courtesy Canon
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The Canon EOS M10 is a mirrorless compact camera for those who want digital-single-lens-reflex (DSLR) quality – the big pro-looking cameras – but without the hassle.

When I say hassle I mean the seemingly endless settings and lenses that the DSLR demands. And when I say mirrorless, I mean it doesn’t require the size of a DSLR camera to hold the mirror and prism that captures the image you view in a DSLR.

This camera is remarkably devoid of knobs, buttons, sliders and meters; it almost seems to have taken its design concepts from the many smartphones that have stolen the market from camera makers – if you can’t beat them, join them – but this device of course doesn’t have Facebook or a phone.

However, it does have Wi-Fi, which enables you to share images instantly on Instagram or your own choice of social media.

What Canon has done is take away the manual focus, a prerequisite on most point-and-shoot cameras and used the viewing screen as a focal point – you just touch where you want to focus and the camera does the rest. There isn’t even an optical viewfinder – it’s a true point and shoot (P&S) camera.

Camera makers have had to go, at least, one better than smartphones with their P&S products – the mirrorless offering definitely delivers better images and its size and weight make it eminently portable. There is also a multitude of effects and styles one can choose from in the menu, which is surprisingly easy to navigate.

The lens (that comes as standard) can be switched with another five lenses designed for the camera. But you need to buy them separately should you wish to move towards the DSLR brigade.

The good news is that because of the camera’s size and weight, carrying another lens doesn’t have to be a back-breaking exercise.

The camera needn’t break the bank either, retailing across the UAE for Dh1,999.

q&a tilt that helps with selfies

Amateur camera enthusiast Andrew Scott assesses the Canon EOS M10 further:

How did you find the camera?

It seems to be designed like an Apple product – the technology doesn’t patronise you and yet it’s not so advanced to scare you. It gives you lots of choice to shoot in a variety of different styles and yet doesn’t stray into the technicalities of DSLR cameras.

Does it offer independence?

No, it’s a camera with training wheels. It offers you a sense of being in control while ensuring the final product is of a quality that it demands. I was never sure whether I had taken a great shot or the camera had. This may frustrate an experienced photographer, as the camera seems to constantly be trying to control the image, which results in shots always having a vague similarity.

Would you recommend this camera?

If you are familiar with a DSLR then this camera inhibits the shots you can take, but with 18 megapixels the pictures are lovely. The images are of DSLR quality and surpass the reach of the latest iPhone's ability, making the Instagram selfie that much sharper – plus it is brilliant for selfies because of the tilting screen. The price tag, though, puts it in line with smartphones, so I may be buying the next Apple rather than the next Canon.

What else do I need to know?

Along with stills, you can shoot video in full HD. It comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, and you can also transfer images to your phone using NFC with a tap.

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