Business Extra podcast: Why Uber and Careem should stay in their own lanes

Ride-sharing app Careem has been one of the Middle East's most successful tech start-ups, and competitor Uber is now reportedly interested in an acquisition of the firm to widen its own presence in ther region. While it would likely be a multibillion-dollar windfall for Careem, would selling now be a shortsighted move for a company with so much potential?

Hosts Mustafa Alrawi and Chris Nelson discuss Careem's future in this week's episode of the Business Extra podcast. Listen here:

Also in this episode:

  • Tesla adds a criminal probe from the US Department of of Justice to its growing list of problems. Elon Musk's erratic behaviour and irresponsible tweets might have sunk his company.
  • If Tesla does fail, where does that leave the electric-car industry?
  • And we talk to Brian Finlay, President and CEO of Stimson Center, an American think tank which this week collaborated with UAE-based Trends Research & Advisory on a blueprint to grow renewable energy in the developing world.

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