Brotherhood’s affiliates seek to spread chaos in the UAE and elsewhere

The Muslim Brotherhood and associated groups pretended to promote human rights when they spread distorted accounts of its activities in the UAE and beyond.

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The UAE is distinguished from many other countries by its continuing determination to fight the Muslim Brotherhood, the branch of political Islam that has done the most to harm Islam itself.

In this country, the Brotherhood recruited many human rights organisations in a desperate attempt to put pressure on the authorities regarding the arrest of Brotherhood members.

Al Karama – which was established in Switzerland by a Qatari terrorist, Abdul Rahman Bin Umair Al Nuaimi – is one of the Brotherhood organisations that has specialised in conducting false campaigns against the UAE. Separately, the organisation is considered by the US to be a provider of financial support to Al Qaeda.

The Brotherhood utilised Al Karama as its media platform to promote human rights (but with hidden agendas) ostensibly to hatch terrorist cells to destabilise various parts of the world. Its ultimate intention was to give those countries that coveted the Gulf’s wealth the appropriate excuse to intervene directly or indirectly in their affairs.

The Brotherhood opted to attack and the Al Karama organisation duly insulted the UAE, accusing it of committing terrorist acts against arrested suspects. This was in spite of the fact that the trial of these suspects was considered by observers to have been just and fair.

It tried to insult the reputation of the judiciary, the security apparatus and other authorities.

Groups linked to the Brotherhood used the pretence of concern about breaches of human rights as a way to propagate deliberately misrepresented versions of what was happening in the UAE and to spread that to other nations.

Some human rights organisations overseas endorsed and repeated those distorted accounts without verifying their accuracy by visiting the UAE to check the facts on the ground.

If they had, they would have found that the accounts reflected the groups’ absolute obedience to the Brotherhood’s hidden agenda rather than to reality.

Likewise, some of the statements made by international rights groups like Human Rights Watch (HRW) reflected this misinformation, bringing into question that organisation’s motives and allegiances.

It led some observers to suggest that HRW is little more than a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood’s International Organisation, making the media organisations that repeated it internationally tainted by its secret agenda.

The organisations fabricated violations of human rights while simultaneously defending the actions of those under suspicion.

In reality, these organisations represented a vital artery supporting the Brotherhood.

When Mohammed Morsi became the president of Egypt, he promised to resign from the Brotherhood to become the leader of all Egypt, but this was merely a trick to “brotherise” the system and its institutions. Other organisations affiliated to the Brotherhood followed the same path.

The Al Karama organisation is one of them, and it is clear all of these bodies are controlled by one source. And that source is Abdul Rahman Bin Umair Al Nuaimi, Al Karama’s then chairman, who is included on a US-compiled list of terrorists.

While he publicly condemns the human rights violations, he covertly supports a range of terrorist organisations responsible for spreading chaos around the world.

Such actions have left many observers bewildered by the statements of human rights organisations, especially those based in the West, that have the effect of blackmailing countries and societies while disregarding real issues in other countries.

The insertion of the name of Al Nuaimi in the list of terrorists provokes many questions that now need answering.

Dr Salem Humaid is an Emirati writer and the founder of Al Mezmaah Studies and Research Centre