Non-human actors find their way into audiences' hearts

With plans for the horse movie Dream Alliance in the works, we look at other four-legged friends who have done will in film.

Movie audiences have always had a soft spot for non-human actors (and we're not even talking about Arnie). Most recently, there are plans to film the tale of Dream Alliance, a horse bought by a Welsh working men's club syndicate and raised on a muddy allotment who went on to compete in the Grand National. Here are five other famous animal movies. Take five... Marley & Me An American journalist's story about his family's loveable but troublesome puppy remains the most popular dog movie of all time.

Take four... Beverley Hills Chihuahua It was the almost polar opposite of Marley & Me but nearly as successful, following the travails of a Hollywood dog lost in Mexico and her canine companions. Take three... Lassie Come Home This film about a depression-era Yorkshire boy reunited with his collie after his family had to sell it to save money was the grandaddy of the cute dog movie. Lassie (actually a dog called Pal) even earned herself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Take two... Seabiscuit The underdog in this movie is an underhorse: an undersized and underappreciated thoroughbred that became a champion both on the racetracks of the United States and in people's hearts during the tail end of the Great Depression. Take one... King Kong Technically the ape in Peter Jackson's remake didn't exist outside the CGI wizardry of Weta Workshop and Andy Serkis's bodysuit but with a box office take of $218 million (Dh800m), this is the most popular animal film ever.

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