LitFest transports children into world of picture books, zombies and Shakespeare

There’s something for children of all ages at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Here are some events you wouldn’t want them to miss.

There’s something for children of all ages at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature. Here are some events you wouldn’t want them to miss.

An Illustrator’s World

Meet five internationally acclaimed, prize winning illustrators – Lauren Child, David Melling, Petr Horacek, Chris Haughton and Shihab Al Deen Al Musharaf – and ask about their creative styles, how they became illustrators and their secrets of bringing words and pictures together.

Thursday, March 10, 11:30-1pm, InterContinental; secondary school students, and students of art and design.

Winnie the Witch, Scratching Cat and more

Let Korky Paul, the interactive illustrator, transport you to the wonderful world of Winnie the Witch and her friends: Professor Puffendorf, Captain Teachum, Mr Rufus Scumskin O’Parsley, the Digging Dog, Scratching Cat and even a Wishing Fish.

Friday, March 11, 9.30am, InterContinental; ages 5 to 10

Shakespeare in comic style

Marcia Williams brings Shakespeare’s plays to life in a fun comic-book format, making these centuries-old stories accessible to today’s youngsters with her amazing illustrations.

Friday, March 11, 1.30pm, InterContinental; ages 8+

Jacqueline Wilson’s feisty heroines

Best-selling UK author Jacqueline Wilson, who's written hits like Hetty Feather , The story of Tracy Beaker, Opal Plumstead and Emerald Star, will delight fans of all ages with her stories.

Friday, March 11 at 12pm and Saturday, March 12 at 2 pm at Novo Cinemas, Festival City; Age: 8+

Scintillating Science

Ugly bugs, chemical chaos and exploding brains! How do you make science fascinating? Nobody better to tell you than three writers who do just that. Meet Nick Arnold of the award-winning Horrible Science books, Rachel Hamilton, best known for Exploding Loos and Brains, and Christopher Edge, whose The Many Worlds of Albie Bright mixes humour, adventure and quantum physics.

Saturday, March 12, 1.30pm, InterContinental; Age: 8+

Now There’s a Scary Thought!

Authors: Darren Shan, Curtis Jobling, Christopher Edge

Zombies, vampires and other gruesome horrors. Best-selling authors Darren Shan, Christopher Edge and Curtis Jobling tell us how they incorporate these scary concepts into children's writing and how much kids enjoy being scared between the pages of a book. While Shan is the creator of children's horror novels including The Demonata and the hugely popular Zom-B series, Edge's two zombie books are The Dead Ways and Army of the Dead. Jobling has written popular young adult series Wereworld and Haunt.

Saturday, March 12, 5pm, InterContinental; Age: 12 to Adult

Tickets are also fast selling out for famed author Anthony Horowitz sessions on his teen spy Alex Rider series and the fairy-tale inspired Once Upon a Time Tea Party

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