Home improvements: Six rules of the wardrobe

Here are six rules for a perfectly put-together closet.

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Here are six rules for a perfectly put-together closet:

1. Use one kind of hanger. This will make a huge difference. It will create a more organised, uniform look and keep everything tidy. Try the velour type – they are compact and help clothing stay put.

2. Organise by colour. This will not only look nicer than having everything jumbled, it will make it a lot easier to get dressed in the morning.

3. Sort by type of clothing (long-sleeve blouses, short-sleeve blouses etc), and then hang according to colour.

4. Need more drawers? Why not create an island with back-to-back Ikea drawers, topped with glass?

5. Treat your shoes like art: display them well and you’ll feel like you are stepping into a store. Use simple storage shelves and organise shoes by colour. This will help preserve them and keep you from buying extra pairs you don’t need.

6. Finally, protect your clothing from moths. I store things that are precious in breathable garment bags, and I use cedar-scented wood chips for everything else.

* Nisrine El Lababidi Moghraby, creative director of Harf Noon Design Studio