Formula One viewing: hotel versus yacht

While the Yas Viceroy hotel offers an unparalleled viewing spot, seeing the race from your own superyacht has its own luxurious advantages.

Above, the Yas Viceroy hotel at the Yas Marina Circuit. Below, a yacht party overlooking the circuit. Silvia Razgova / The National; Tom Gandolfini / AFP
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Yas Viceroy Hotel Abu Dhabi

With the 2015 Formula One Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ­almost upon us, the burning question is not who will win, but where to best catch all the action. It’s a decidedly UAE dilemma: hotel or superyacht?

Sitting astride the Yas Marina Circuit, the Yas Viceroy hotel offers an ­unparalleled viewing spot. Uniquely, the Viceroy not only overlooks the track, but actually bridges it between turns 8 and 9. Such proximity offers an ­unrivalled opportunity to soak up the atmosphere.

A standard room at the hotel during F1 weekend – from November 27 to 29 – will set you back Dh5,950, with a four-night mandatory stay for a maximum of two people. However, this is for the room only, and does not include ­access to the F1 events.

If something larger is more suitable, then opt for a hospitality suite. These include a private terrace overlooking the track, welcome beverage and canapés, lunch, finger food and sparkling beverages all day, and access to the F1 concerts. Also included is a Pit Lane walk and a Yas Viceroy hotel day pass for each guest. This option is priced at Dh13,695 per person, for a minimum of 25 guests, for three days. If you’re hoping to make a weekend of it and have a large enough entourage, this is definitely the way forward.

The Superyacht

Yas’s purpose-built marina will suit those looking for an alternative perspective on the F1 extravaganza. The marina sits alongside the track at eye level, and has the capacity to cater for boats ranging from 10 metres to 150m in length. It is worth noting, however, that not all berths have track views.

For the uninitiated, a yacht over 25m in length and staffed with a professional crew is generally described as a superyacht, while the term megayacht refers to anything over 50m in length. Either will suffice.

Those lucky enough to own their own vessels can hire a mooring at the Yas Marina for Dh13,150 for the F1 weekend, through

Less fortunate souls who are happy to share a spot on a charter can purchase a superyacht package. Moored next to the Yas Viceroy, you can spend the whole event aboard a 40m yacht, for Dh18,185 per person for both Saturday and Sunday. This ­includes lunch, dinner, open bar and access to the F1 ­after-race concerts – not to mention an ­on-board DJ for the all-important after-party. Cabins can be hired, too, at additional cost, for those who wish to stay off dry land for the entirety of the event. For a more ­private experience, Eden Yachting offers a tri-decked, 30m vessel with trackside views. Price upon request.

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