DVD review: Double Wedding

Double Wedding is a terrible comedy full of predicatble schmaltz.

Double Wedding Director: Craig Pryce
Starring: Tia Mowry Tamara Mowry O.T Fagbenle


If you happened to have a major thing for Sister Sister, the American sitcom that ran in the mid-1990s and starred the twin actresses Tia and Tamara Mowry, then I suppose this could be a reason for watching their latest film, Double Wedding. Otherwise, this 85 minutes of predictable schmaltz should be avoided at all costs. The twins play Deanna and Danielle Warren; one of them is a headstrong, career-obsessed, uptight lawyer, while the other is a laid-back, commitment-phobic cake decorator. After pondering long and hard, I think that the novel idea they are suggesting here is that just because the girls are identical in terms of appearance, this doesn't mean that they can't have diametrically opposed personalities. This point is made throughout the film with relentless regularity, mostly through the use of stereotypes. The majority of the movie focuses on their individual quests to find the perfect partner to take as a "plus-one" to their grandparents' wedding-vow renewal ceremony. Somewhat implausibly, they both strike up a relationship with the same handsome architect. The fact that this supposedly intelligent man doesn't realise (despite there being numerous signs) that he's dating two different women is pretty absurd. I might have even felt slightly sorry for him, if he wasn't so cringe-inducingly soppy. Instead, I just felt rather bemused. Not by the film itself, but as to why it was made in the first place. That is until I scanned the DVD jacket and noted that as well as taking the starring roles, the twins were also the executive producers. Funny that.

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