Tweets of the week: Gaga over ticket sales

A look at the things that lit up Twitter this week.

"We sold out three madison square gardens in 1 hour little monsters! I was just a girl after her teenage dream, thank u for standing by me." Lady Gaga rises above legal problems with her ex-mentor, Rob Fusari. March 19. "Pix of rally in DC look great, wish I were there! Patriots who r: Keep the faith! Keep up the good fight to "Kill the Bill" & take our country back." Bad luck, Sarah Palin. March 20.

"Give up meat one day and then two days maybe. It's a very, very intelligent idea." Yoko Ono has grand expansion plans for the Meat Free Monday campaign. March 21 "The number of birthdays I've had seems astronomical. I don't know how that happened. The importance, now, is to stay young. My best, Bill." Astronomy seems to colour everything for William Shatner, who has just celebrated his 79th birthday. March 22.

"Wow ... It appears as if, despite the heartless and inept, something might actually get done in Washington! GOBAMA! GOBAMA! GOBAMA!" Jim Carrey backs the winning team. March 23. "Hate when hubby is away it feels like a piece of me is missing!" Cry me a river, Demi Moore. There should be a law against people referring to their husbands in such a smug, irritating manner. March 23. "I'VE just seen Matthew Vaughn's new movie Kick Ass its like nothing ive ever seen before, i'm speechless its VERY very good! off to USA XX." Jamie Oliver is one of several eulogising about Vaughn's new film. March 23.

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