Timeframe: UAE flag raised for the first time at the UN in 1971

Just days after the formation of the country, the flag was officially hoisted at UN headquarters in New York

The Secretary-General is seen here as he read a statement prior to the flag-raising. From left to right are: Adam Malik, President of the tventy-sixth session of the General Assembly; Secretary-General, U Thant; Adnan Pachachi, Minister of State of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Chairman of the delegation; and Mohamed Abdul Latif, Director of the Department of International Organizations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of that country.
10 December 1971. UN Photo/Saw Lwin
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This week the UAE celebrated Flag Day with citizens and residents coming together to show their pride in the country by prominently displaying the country’s flag. Saturday marks the official day, which coincides with the date Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed was sworn in as president.

Another important date was December 10, 1971, when Adnan Pachachi, then Minister of State, third left in the row of dignitaries, pulled on the rope to raise the flag at the United Nations headquarters in New York. He had flown there just hours after the UAE’s formation on December 2 to submit an application for the country’s membership to the UN. After a week of talks with China and the Soviet Union to convince them not to veto the request, the Security Council and the General Assembly approved.

Secretary General U Thant, second from left at the microphone, spoke at the flag-raising, just days before his term ended.


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