Image Nation Abu Dhabi releases 'History of the Emirates' docu-series and educational app for free

The three-episode international version of the series is now available to stream on a dedicated website

A still from the documentary series, 'History of the Emirates'. Image Nation
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A much-lauded docu-series about the ancient history of the UAE is now available for free online.

History of the Emirates, a five-part series presented by Image Nation Abu Dhabi and produced by Atlantic Productions, screened late last year on networks around the world. It was the culmination of four years of hard work by 75 anthropologists, archaeologists and historians.

Narrated in English by Academy Award-winning actor Jeremy Irons, the three-episode international version of the series is now available to stream on a dedicated website,

The five-part local version of the series, available in Arabic, is available to stream on MBC’s Shahid platform, Dubai TV’s Awan and Emarat TV online.

The first episode of the series looks at the earliest human migrations out of Africa to the Arabian Peninsula. It explores how a stone tool found at Jebel Faya in Sharjah has changed the whole theory of human migration. This tool confirms that some of the earliest modern humans left Africa across the Red Sea, rather than over the land bridge in Egypt.

The next four episodes look at how innovation, trade and belief systems have shaped the country, finally arriving in 1971 with the formation of the UAE.

An impressive cast of local and international voices, including Emirati archaeologists Eisa Yousif and Abdullah Al Kaabi, provide clear-headed analysis throughout.

Accompanying the television series, the 7 Mysteries of the UAE app is also now available for free download.

Using virtual reality and gaming techniques, the app helps children learn about the United Arab Emirates’ history. It has been developed with teachers and parents in mind too, as a good tool for long-distance learning.