Could Arab Idol, whose judges included Hassan El Shafei, Ahlam, Nancy Ajram and Wael Kfoury, become the biggest Idol franchise after Amereican Idol goes? MBC
Could Arab Idol, whose judges included Hassan El Shafei, Ahlam, Nancy Ajram and Wael Kfoury, become the biggest Idol franchise after Amereican Idol goes? MBC

Arab Idol could take the crown as US bubble pops

Falling ratings have brought an end to the trailblazing music talent show in the US, but there are still hopes that Middle East version could produce some more superstars.

She is a 22-year-old call centre operator who has suffered domestic abuse, spent time in a women’s refuge and has a one-year-old child.

Reality shows revel in an emotional back story and there has been something especially heart-warming about La’Porsha Renae’s rise to American Idol favourite.

If she wins this week’s finale, she will be the last American Idol.

The show that once dominated television viewing figures in the United States is considered past its sell-by date.

Even the successful Arab Idol had a season off last year, to make way for MBC to screen some new reality shows, including The Voice Kids.

The Idol franchises – 57 spin-off shows across the globe – were inspired by British show Pop Idol.

Created in 2001 by Simon Fuller, the man behind the Spice Girls, the idea was simple and lifted from a New Zealand reality talent show called Popstars.

Fuller’s Pop Idol, though was about the search for a solo star rather than a group and it involved a public vote alongside the views of the judging panel. Its first winner, Will Young, went on to enjoy a significant music career.

The British show only ran for two series. The chemistry between the judges and their antics made the show a huge success but also became its downfall.

In 2004, Simon Cowell, now a judge on the two-year-old American Idol as well as Pop Idol, used his popularity to persuade ITV to commission his talent show, The X Factor, and Pop Idol was put on hold.

Cowell’s show still runs in the UK, although its viewing figures have also faltered.

In the United States, meanwhile, American audiences lapped up the drama at the judges’ table, with Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, and the chance to vote to save their favourite singers.

Ratings were huge and American Idol’s place in the national conversation was confirmed with the debut single of Kelly Clarkson, winner of the first season, becoming the best-selling track of 2002 in the US.

A year later, Ryan Malcolm was voted the first Canadian Idol in a show hosted by Ben Mulroney, the eldest son of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney. The series became the most popular television show in Canada.

However, Malcolm’s career trajectory mirrored that of most of the American Idol winners – outside Clarkson and Carrie Underwood – immediate success followed by relative obscurity, suggesting Idol franchise was more about the journey than the destination.

Perhaps the lack of a mega superstar removed some of the shine from the show because by 2008, Canadian Idol was over, crippled by a halving of its viewing figures, the economic downturn and the huge success of American Idol across the border.

Meanwhile, Australian Idol started up in 2003.

It lasted just one more season than Canada – with nosediving audience figures bringing it to an end in 2009.

To be fair, its first winner, Guy Sebastian, and last, Stan Walker, have enjoyed fruitful careers in the Australian music industry.

But it is telling that Walker and Sebastian both ended up as judges on The X Factor, which in many countries came to compete with the Idol franchise.

Add The Voice into the mix – a Dutch programme that now has as many international versions as Idol and The X Factor – and it did not take a television expert to surmise that the world was in danger of suffering from talent show fatigue.

When Indian Idol failed to make huge stars of its winners despite what seemed to be ideal conditions for success, a junior version of the show took its place from 2013.

France still has its Nouvelle Star and Germany enjoys a bit of Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar of a Saturday, which made a fleeting star of Mark Medlock, a bin collector who sold 3 million records before his private life became troubled.

Then, of course, there’s Arab Idol, which succeeded Super Star in 2011 and made a star of former Palestinian refugee Mohammed Assaf in 2013.

So compelling was his story – from wedding singer in Gaza to Arab Idol winner – there was even a movie made about it.

Hany Abu Assad’s film The Idol is proof that the premise of Pop Idol – regular people being given a shot at their dreams – still holds water and has the ability to enthral audiences.

Yet for all the television show’s incredible success in the Middle East, with 120 million people watching as Assaf was crowned, there was no Arab Idol last year, although a fourth season is scheduled for this year.

It may well be as American Idol comes to a close that Arab Idol will become the biggest show in the franchise, only time will tell.

In the meantime, for Idol fans Mohammed Assaf is performing today at the Spring Summer Fashion event at City Centre Deira in Dubai.

Dengue fever symptoms
  • High fever
  • Intense pain behind your eyes
  • Severe headache
  • Muscle and joint pains
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Swollen glands
  • Rash

If symptoms occur, they usually last for two-seven days

A cryptocurrency primer for beginners

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies+– by Kiana Danial 

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Celta Vigo 2
Castro (45'), Aspas (82')

Barcelona 2
Dembele (36'), Alcacer (64')

Red card: Sergi Roberto (Barcelona)

Stuck in a job without a pay rise? Here's what to do

Chris Greaves, the managing director of Hays Gulf Region, says those without a pay rise for an extended period must start asking questions – both of themselves and their employer.

“First, are they happy with that or do they want more?” he says. “Job-seeking is a time-consuming, frustrating and long-winded affair so are they prepared to put themselves through that rigmarole? Before they consider that, they must ask their employer what is happening.”

Most employees bring up pay rise queries at their annual performance appraisal and find out what the company has in store for them from a career perspective.

Those with no formal appraisal system, Mr Greaves says, should ask HR or their line manager for an assessment.

“You want to find out how they value your contribution and where your job could go,” he says. “You’ve got to be brave enough to ask some questions and if you don’t like the answers then you have to develop a strategy or change jobs if you are prepared to go through the job-seeking process.”

For those that do reach the salary negotiation with their current employer, Mr Greaves says there is no point in asking for less than 5 per cent.

“However, this can only really have any chance of success if you can identify where you add value to the business (preferably you can put a monetary value on it), or you can point to a sustained contribution above the call of duty or to other achievements you think your employer will value.”


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1. Black holes are objects whose gravity is so strong not even light can escape their pull

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Director: Neill Blomkamp

Stars: David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, Archie Madekwe, Darren Barnet

Rating: 3/5


Day 2 at the Gabba

Australia 312-1 

Warner 151 not out, Burns 97,  Labuschagne 55 not out

Pakistan 240 

Shafiq 76, Starc 4-52

How champions are made

7am - Protein shake with oats and fruits
10am - 5-6 egg whites
1pm - White rice or chapati (Indian bread) with chicken
4pm - Dry fruits
7.30pm - Pre workout meal – grilled fish or chicken with veggies and fruits
8.30pm to midnight workout
12.30am – Protein shake
Total intake: 4000-4500 calories
Saidu’s weight: 110 kg
Stats: Biceps 19 inches. Forearms 18 inches


Director: Sudha Kongara Prasad

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Top 10 most competitive economies

1. Singapore
2. Switzerland
3. Denmark
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7. UAE
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Will the pound fall to parity with the dollar?

The idea of pound parity now seems less far-fetched as the risk grows that Britain may split away from the European Union without a deal.

Rupert Harrison, a fund manager at BlackRock, sees the risk of it falling to trade level with the dollar on a no-deal Brexit. The view echoes Morgan Stanley’s recent forecast that the currency can plunge toward $1 (Dh3.67) on such an outcome. That isn’t the majority view yet – a Bloomberg survey this month estimated the pound will slide to $1.10 should the UK exit the bloc without an agreement.

New Prime Minister Boris Johnson has repeatedly said that Britain will leave the EU on the October 31 deadline with or without an agreement, fuelling concern the nation is headed for a disorderly departure and fanning pessimism toward the pound. Sterling has fallen more than 7 per cent in the past three months, the worst performance among major developed-market currencies.

“The pound is at a much lower level now but I still think a no-deal exit would lead to significant volatility and we could be testing parity on a really bad outcome,” said Mr Harrison, who manages more than $10 billion in assets at BlackRock. “We will see this game of chicken continue through August and that’s likely negative for sterling,” he said about the deadlocked Brexit talks.

The pound fell 0.8 per cent to $1.2033 on Friday, its weakest closing level since the 1980s, after a report on the second quarter showed the UK economy shrank for the first time in six years. The data means it is likely the Bank of England will cut interest rates, according to Mizuho Bank.

The BOE said in November that the currency could fall even below $1 in an analysis on possible worst-case Brexit scenarios. Options-based calculations showed around a 6.4 per cent chance of pound-dollar parity in the next one year, markedly higher than 0.2 per cent in early March when prospects of a no-deal outcome were seemingly off the table.


Brief scoreline:

Tottenham 1

Son 78'

Manchester City 0