Lebanese novelist Jabbour Douaihy speaks to AFP via teleconferencing from his home in Lebanon's northern village of Ehden, as seen from the interviewer's computer in Cyprus' capital Nicosia, on May 29, 2020. Douaihy says the coronavirus pandemic, like past epidemics and wars, will feed the imagination of novelists. The novel coronavirus "will become part of the general literary scene and the imagination of humanity, just like wars, the plague… and other pandemics in history," he said, adding that while the virus will change human behaviour, it will not completely overturn our way of life. / AFP / Christina ASSI
Lebanese novelist Jabbour Douaihy speaks from his home in Lebanon's northern village of Ehden. AFP / Christina ASSI

Novelist Jabbour Douaihy: Pandemic will leave scars and marks on the mind