Is Mohammed Assaf working on new music with Marwan Khoury and Ali Saber?

Pictures on his Instagram with some of Arab music's big players have prompted us to ask, "is a third album in the works?"

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It's been a year since Mohammed Assaf released his second album Ma Wahashnak, the album he said he wanted to "introduce himself to the world with". Since then the Palestinian pop-star has hosted multiple meet-and-greets and special appearances. One of his most notable was a guest appearance at last year's Dubai's Fiesta De Los Muertos in October and a free concert in Abu Dhabi in late November. The singer, who is known as Al Saroukh (The Rocket), also performed charity concerts across Canada and in Denmark.

But apart from that, the Gazan songbird has been pretty quiet with regard to new material. However, pictures on his Instagram with some of Arab music's big players have prompted us to ask, "Is a third album in the works?"

In April, the singer posted a picture of himself with singer, composer, and TV star Marwan Khoury, with the tag "mohammedassaf89 is on a distinguished road."

Our suspicions were further corroborated when Khoury himself, confirmed that a collaboration was in progress. During a press conference at the Mawazine Festival last month, Khoury said that Assaf rolled into his home studio to appear on his music television show Tarab. As a result, the duo worked on some new material together.

"I love working with artists of all styles and ages," the 50-year-old said. "Assaf has a great voice. Not only do I feel honoured to add my touch to his work I also benefit as a composer to work with someone with such a talent."

As well as that, just on Wednesday, Assaf posted a photo of himself with Iraqi composer Ali Saber. And the tag on this picture was even more telling

“In the studio with the great composer Ali Saber and producer Othman Aboud. Stay tuned for a new release.”

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