Craig David's sneak peek

The R&B artist says he may play a couple of songs from his new album at the Atelier/Festival in Dubai this weekend, which is to be released next year.
Craig David performs in Cardiff, Wales, last year. Photo by Tim Alban / Getty Images
Craig David performs in Cardiff, Wales, last year. Photo by Tim Alban / Getty Images

The year may not be over yet but Craig David is already thinking about 2013.

The UK R&B singer, responsible for the hits 7 Days and Fill Me In, is speaking on the way to one of the many recording sessions for his sixth album, to be released next year.

David says he may perform a track or two as part of his performance at the Atelier/Festival.

“I have been putting all of my focus, time and energy into this new album and have been enjoying it. I am just following my intuition,” he says.

“For me, sometimes you need to go away from the shine of what is going on to focus on what you are doing, and now I feel like I am in a good place.”

As well as moving from the UK to Miami, part of David’s new-found focus was writing for other artists, including the mega-selling boy-band Backstreet Boys for their comeback album.

“It was a great opportunity to see how they actually function together as a group,” he says. “I was pleasantly surprised they can all bring something creative to the table.”

After the Dubai performance, David’s attention will return to completing the album before jetting off on a world tour. “I just want to go out and enjoy it,” he says. “I want to tour an album I love and only that will make it a -success.”


Craig David is playing at the Atelier/Festival at Dubai’s Meydan Racecourse tomorrow. Tickets start at Dh350 from

Published: October 18, 2012 04:00 AM