New Dubai mural will honour UAE's Hope Probe Mars mission

The painting will be featured in Dubai's historical Al Fahidi district

A new Dubai mural will honour the UAE's Mars mission. AP Photo
A new Dubai mural will honour the UAE's Mars mission. AP Photo

The UAE’s Mars mission will be honoured with a new mural set to be painted in Dubai.

Scheduled to be painted in the city’s historic Al Fahidi district, the new mural will be a collaboration between designer Amna Basheer and rising Emirati artist Reem Al Mazrouei. The mural will honour the UAE’s past, celebrate the country’s future and feature Arab astronomer Ibn Yunus looking towards the Red Planet. It will also feature an Emirati girl floating in space wearing celebratory jewellery to mark the milestone mission.

Dubai's new mural was developed by Dubai Culture in co-operation with Art Painting Lab, and is part of the authority’s Create Together campaign, which was launched in March to motivate people to stay creative during the coronavirus pandemic.

The UAE’s Hope probe is set for lift-off from Japan’s Tanegashima Island, 1,000 kilometres south-west of Tokyo, on Monday. The Emirati-built craft aims to study the climate of the Red Planet and is scheduled to arrive in February 2021, in time for the country’s 50th anniversary.

"The launch of Hope probe, the first Arab mission to Mars to study its weather and atmosphere, is a source of pride for all of us showing what creative minds and talent of our Emirati brothers and sisters have accomplished over six years of perseverance and hard work,” said Hala Badri, Director General of Dubai Culture. “This is a historic moment that we have all looked forward to and will cherish for ever."

She added: “Dubai Culture is seeking, through the mural in Al Fahidi's historical neighbourhood, to celebrate the Hope probe as a wonderful achievement in UAE history that promises to inspire future generations.”

Updated: July 19, 2020 04:30 PM


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