How Jordanian artist Dana Barqawi is helping restore Palestinian photographs

Using embroidery, gold leaves and paint, the artist aims to revive old photos of Palestinians

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Jordanian artist Dana Barqawi is spending her time these days helping refurbish and revive old photographs of Palestinians that were taken between 1890 and 1940. Working from her small studio in Amman, she uses different techniques to try and restore works of the past.

On her website, Barqawi says that she grew up “surrounded by women who painted, sewed, designed and made art” and that she extends herself through artistry with a long-standing fascination to detail.

She has an ongoing exhibition titled A Land without a People at the Museum of the Palestine People in Washington DC. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the museum is closed to visitors. However, her works can also be viewed in a virtual tour of the museum.

Click through the gallery above to see Dana Barqawi at work. 


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