DIFC Art Nights: The free art festival in Dubai returns for its 10th year

The event will feature a fusion of art, culture and entertainment events over two days

With a number of high-end restaurants, galleries and a conveniently central location, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is often seen as the place to be after a long day at the office.

Adding further incentive to visit, DIFC Art Nights will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 17 and 18.

Those visiting DIFC between 6pm to 10pm during the two-day festival can expect to find installations from 40 artists from around the world, alongside exhibitions from galleries such as The Empty Quarter, Opera Gallery, Sconci Gallery and Tabari Art Space.

There will also be plenty of live performances, from sand art by Nathaniel Alapide to acrylic and oil paintings by Mohamed Hussein to a mosaic live show by Rany Melad. There will also be a 3D calligraphy artist Foad Hamzeh who will be “transforming Gate Village into a work of living art”.

Meanwhile, visitors can expect musical performances by The Swing Revue and Adam Kadabra. They can also enter the numerous art galleries in the area to discover what’s new on the art scene.

Galleries to check out include Anyahh Art, Legacy Art, Opera Gallery, Sconci Gallery, Tabari Art Space, Van de Goudenberg Gallery and The Empty Quarter.

Some artworks to watch out for include artist Dima Fatum’s portraits of the UAE’s leaders in polyptych, Mohamed Hussein’s paintings on the pandemic and Rany Melad’s work with mosaics.

The event is free for all and takes place between 6pm and 10pm on both days. Precautionary measures have been put in place in line with UAE government guidelines.

For more, visit www.difc.ae