Art Dubai 2017: Gallery focus, Sundaram Tagore

Water Dripping Splashing by Zheng Lu. Courtesy Sundaram Tagore Gallery
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It’s the last day of Art Dubai, so take your chance and go down to check out some of the wonderful artwork on show. Here, I continue my series of gallery booths to check out while you are there.

Sundaram Tagore Gallery, with branches in New York, Singapore and Hong Kong presents a curated exhibition of work by three Asian artists. Hiroshi Senju, from Japan, paints sublime images of waterfalls. Not only are they meditative in content but they are executed using the thousand-year-old nihonga style of painting that uses pigments made from minerals, ground stone, shell and corals suspended in animal-hide glue. His waterfalls are created by pouring paint onto mulberry paper on board, conjuring not only the appearance of rushing water, but its sound, smell and feel.

Alongside his work are the incredible sculptures of Zheng Lu, from China. To make the fluid structures - here they depict water droplets dripping and splashing - he uses hundreds of tiny traditional Chinese calligraphy characters derived from texts and poems of historical significance and fused them together. Make sure you get up close to see the detail.

Lastly, the work of New York-based artist Miya Ando is on show. She comes from a family of Japanese sword makers and uses metal in her paintings - transforming sheets of metal into ephemeral, abstract paintings suffused with colour.

* Sundaram Tagore Gallery is located in Booth A13, Hall 1.