A meditation chamber you can keep in your living room

The private and portable meditation pod from Somadome combines colour and sound therapy, and replicates the energy waves emitted by our brains.

Yoga classes and meditation tapes are all very well, should you be able to find one that aligns with your exact specifications. But imagine if there were a space, open to you at any time of day, that not only provided colour and sound therapy, but also replicated the energy waves emitted by the brain, and allowed you to choose the exact sensory experience you might be in the mood for. Enter Somadome: a private and portable meditation pod that will take up a mere six feet of space in your home or office.

The futuristic-looking dome integrates three healing modalities: colour, sound and energy. Colour therapy is scientifically proven to stimulate impulses in the brain – violet and blue are associated with slowing down an overactive heart, for example. Once the dome closes over your upper body and you put on the noise-cancellation headphones, you can choose from a series of guided or unguided meditation tracks from the touchscreen within, each lasting 20 minutes. These include: Relax, Recharge, Overcome, Manifest, Heal, Focus and Fitness, among others.

From the sound of ocean waves to boost energy, to meditation music that uses alpha, gamma or theta waves – or binaural beat technology – the various sessions promote vitality, creativity and clarity, and relieve stress and tiredness. One of the more popular programmes, the Snooze session, plays instrumental music that uses delta rays, which is the brain state of deep sleep, and then beta waves to gradually wake you up, enabling you to slip in and out of a dreamlike state, and emerge refreshed after just a few minutes.

Domes can be customised with the fabrics and panels of your choice. A bamboo exterior has already proven popular with customers, and can come with the option of ionised fans and with or without a plush ottoman. The cushions that line the interior are composed of energy-healing microcrystalline tiles. The tiles block harmful electromagnetic frequencies, while the cushions are ergonomically positioned to support your neck, back and arms.

The National Institute of Health lists many benefits of meditation. It lowers blood pressure, reduces symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia. People who meditate regularly have more “folds” in their brains, which researchers say may allow them to process information better. Somadome users report experiencing a “shift” in the condition afflicting them after spending a few minutes in the dome, and feel residual effects up to two weeks later. And even if you’re worried that your mind will wander, remember, there’s no such thing as bad meditation.

The United States-based Somadome launched in 2015, and was promptly adopted by luxury resorts and spas in America, as well as corporate companies such as Adobe in Silicon Valley. The first international dome, meanwhile, was commissioned for the Members' Lounge of the Dubai Ladies Club, after its successful reception at the Global Women's Forum Happiness Hub, hosted by the Dubai Women Establishment last February. The pods range in price from US$25,000 (Dh91,800) and can go up to $45,000 (up to Dh165,300).

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