Watch: Nine lighter moments from 2020

From to the perils of working from home to Rudy Guiliani sweating hair dye, here's some of the funnier moments of the year

It has been a bleak year.

The global coronavirus pandemic, demonstrations around the world, conflict, and uncertainty over the US elections, has marked 2020 as a tough, enduring year. But even then, some lighter moments cut through the gloom.

Here are some of the more amusing and heartwarming videos:

Monkey steals man's phone

There was a time before the pandemic when one could ponder whether a monkey could work its way around an iPhone. Look no further. This man in Malaysia had his phone "stolen" and cue amusing videos and selfies. Luckily it was found in his back garden the next day before the monkey could work out international calls.

Five strange moments from the US election

The 2020 Presidential election was one of the strangest in history. Amid legal challenges and the threat of demonstrations turning violent, here's five moments when it turned really weird.

A fly at the VP debate

This was an election race like no other. The writing was really on the wall when a housefly drove everyone but Mike Pence to distraction.

'Joe, they're the same'

Even the mild-mannered winner of the US election served up his share of the surreal. From the oddity of asking an indifferent Barack Obama about his choice of aviators to a tender moment with a young victim of bullying, here's Joe Biden's best bits:

Rudy's hairy moment

But nothing matches Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Guiliani getting a little hot during a press conference. No, not the one outside the landscape garden suppliers - the one where he oozed from the temples.

Who let the penguins out?

At the beginning of the pandemic, the world was in awe of animals retaking the world from the clutches of humanity. We had a spot of everything from penguins roaming outside their aquarium (to a great tuba soundtrack) to goats coming down from the hills to claim Llandudno.

Zoom call from hell

But while nature didn't quite reclaim the planet, the majority of us cooped up inside can all sympathise with a Zoom call with the BBC gone wrong. Here's Dr Clare Wenham discussing the merits of local lockdowns as her daughter, Scarlett, bounces around the room.

Santa adds to his naughty list

And finally, Santa Claus and his elf added someone to their naughty list in Peru after arresting a drug dealer in a raid in Peru.