Five world records you won't believe are held by children

Jackson Houlding, 3, became the youngest to reach the top of a 3,300-metre mountain. Here are four other youngsters who made the record books

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Last week, a toddler broke a world record and became the youngest person to reach the summit of a 3,300-metre mountain.

Jackson Houlding, 3, and his sister Freya, 7, were rewarded with sweets after they reached the peak of Piz Badile mountain, in the Alps on the Swiss-Italian border.

They were led by their father Leo, who is a professional climber, and their mother Jess.

Freya climbed the mountain on her own, while Jackson was carried on his mother’s back, in a journey to the peak that took four days.

A surprisingly high number of world records have been set by children.

Here are four other youngsters who hold world records:

1) Most four-leaf clovers collected in an hour (individual)

Katie Borka, 10, found good fortune in June 2018 when she set the record for the most four-leaf clovers collected in an hour.

Katie picked 166 of the good luck shrubs in her family’s back yard in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, US.

2) Fastest time to solve three Rubik’s cubes while juggling

Rubik’s cubes are hard enough to solve when you’re not juggling them at the same time.

Que Jianyu, hailing from Xiamen in south-east China, managed to solve three of them while juggling in 5 mins 2.43 seconds at La Notte dei Record,  in Rome in November 2018.

Such an impressive feat has earned him the nickname “Genius Boy” by Chinese media.

Que was only 13 was only when he broke the record, but it wasn't the first time he made his way into the books.

He actually beat his own record of 5 min and 6.61 sec, set in 2017.

Que trained for two years before trying for the first record on Zhejiang TV's show, iDream.

He has also appeared on German TV and on Chinese television, and once solved three Hungarian puzzles while, you guessed it, juggling them.

3) Youngest club DJ

British-born Hong Konger DJ Archie won a world record in March last year when he completed a one-hour set Bungalow club in Hong Kong’s Central district, entirely unassisted.

He was only 4 years and 130 days at the time. He beat a record held by South Africa’s similarly named DJ Arch Jr, who in 2017 completed a solo set aged 5 years and 38 days.

DJ Archie has also played on the festival circuit, spinning the 1s and 2s at Boomtown in England and Clockflap festival in Hong Kong.

And although the toddler is a keen drum and bass fan, he is not limited to that genre, having played alongside garage rapper MC Neat and jungle duo the Ragga Twins.

4) Youngest magazine editor

Australian Roxanne Downs was officially awarded the title of youngest magazine editor when she was only 8.

And she manages to successfully balance the job and her school work.

After being the editor of It GiRL Magazine for six months, her first edition was released in Australia and New Zealand.

In her role, she attends launches, creates editorial concepts, conducts market research and pens a monthly editor’s letter. She also reviews the magazine before it goes to press.

Roxanne enjoys the perks of being an editor, especially the free tickets and being able to come up with ideas for interviews.