Oman Sultan Qaboos returns home after months in Germany

State television showed Oman's leader walking unaided from an aircraft.

MUSCAT // Oman’s Sultan Qaboos returned home “in complete health” on Monday after an eight-month medical stay in Germany.

State television reported that his treatment had been a success.

Sultan Qaboos, 74, has been absolute ruler of the sultanate since 1970, but his absence in Germany since July had led to growing concern about his health.

The sultan “returned to the soil of the dear nation this evening, blessed by God’s favour with complete health and wellbeing after His Majesty’s completion of a programme of medical treatment in the German Federation, in which total success was registered in his results”, the television said.

State television showed him walking unaided from an aircraft along a red carpet, and then boarding a helicopter.

Sultan Qaboos has ruled since taking over in a bloodless coup with the help of Oman’s former colonial power, Britain. Since then, he has helped to transform an impoverished backwater riven by internal conflicts into a prosperous state that plays a small but important role in regional diplomacy.

It was in Oman that Iranian and US diplomats held secret meetings which led to an interim deal in 2013 on a nuclear dispute which has long heightened regional tensions.

* Reuters

Published: March 23, 2015 04:00 AM


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