Iran tests long-range missiles

Iran has fired a missile with a range of 2,000km in a third round of tests meant to demonstrate its preparedness for an attack.

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TEHRAN, Iran // Iran state television said the powerful Revolutionary Guard has fired one of the longest-range missiles in its arsenal in a third round of tests meant to demonstrate the country's preparedness for an attack. The English-language Press TV said the Guard successfully tested the Shahab-3 missile, which is capable of carrying a warhead. It has a range of up to 2,000 kilometres, capable of striking Israel, US bases in the Middle East and parts of Europe.

State television said Iran test-fired Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 missiles overnight, after tests of short-range missiles early Sunday. The Shahab-1 and Shahab-2 have ranges of about 300 kilometres and 700 kilometres respectively. * AP