Egypt hands life sentences to three Hizbollah members

An Egyptian court sentenced three suspected Hizbollah members to life in prison from among more than two dozen accused of spying for the Lebanese militants.

An Egyptian court has convicted and sentenced to life in prison three suspected Hizbollah members for spying for the Lebanese militants and plotting attacks in Egypt. The rest of the 26-member group - including Egyptians, West Bank Palestinians and Lebanese nationals - received between six months and 15 years in prison. The trial, which started in August 2009, is the first time Egypt has prosecuted alleged Hizbollah activists. The charges included planning attacks on tourists and Suez Canal shipping, and sending operatives and explosives to Gaza to help militants there. Judge Adel Abdelsalam Gomaa pronounced the verdicts today at Cairo's emergency court. The group's Lebanese leader Mohammad Qiblan was among those sentenced to life. * AP