A timeline of recent escalation between Israel and Iran's allies

A series of tit-for-tat moves in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq have heightened tensions in the Middle East

epa07794657 Members of Iran backed armed group Kataib Hezbollah (Hezbollah Brigades) carry their flag during the funeral of their leader Abu Ali al-Debbi, who was killed in a drone attack a day earlier near the Iraqi western border with Syria, at the funeral procession in Baghdad, Iraq, 26 August 2019.  Abu Ali al-Debbi, the chief of logistical support of Iraqi Hezbollah Brigades, was killed late 25 August 2019, near the western border with Syria in an Israeli drone strike in Al-Qaim while on a patrol near the Iraqi borders, Iraqi Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces said in a statement.  EPA/MURTAJA LATEEF
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A series of strikes in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, all believed to involve Israel, have heightened tensions in the region, with the Syrian regime, Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah and Iran-backed militias in Iraq all threatening retaliation, some of them denouncing the attacks as "declarations of war".

Here is a dated breakdown of the escalatory moves since July by the different sides involved in the recent crisis that threatens a new outbreak of conflict in the Middle East:

July 19 - Unidentified bombs fall on Iran-backed militia base north of Baghdad

July 30 - Strikes on Camp Ashraf in Iraq's Diyala Province

August 12 - Drone strike at Al Saqr military base in Iraq

August 20 - Strike on Popular Mobilisation Forces base near Balad, Iraq

August 21 - Iran-backed militias blame US and Israel for a series of attacks on their bases

August 24 - Israel strikes Iran's Quds Force in Syria to stop "killer drone" attack, killing five. Syrian anti-aircraft defences fire at "enemy targets" over Damascus.

August 25 - Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah says Israeli drone falls in its stronghold in south Beirut, second drone explodes after crashing.

August 25 - Lebanese PM Saad Hariri says Israeli drones threaten country's sovereignty. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah says group will shoot down any more Israeli drones flying over Lebanese territory.

August 25 - Two Iraqi paramilitaries killed in drone attack near Iraq's western border with Syria, militias blame Israel for attack

August 26 - Israel strikes Palestinian faction the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine - General Command, loyal to Syrian government in eastern Lebanon

August 26 - Iraq coalition calls Israeli strikes a "declaration of war" and calls for withdrawal of US forces