Qatar rebuked for intercepting Bahrain coastguard vessels

Bahrain's Interior Ministry says it will report the incident to the Gulf Co-operation Council

FILE PHOTO: General view of Bahrain's financial district in Manama, Bahrain, June 20, 2019. Picture taken June 20, 2019. REUTERS/ Hamad I Mohammed/File Photo
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Qatar broke international agreements when three of its vessels intercepted two Bahraini coastguard boats carrying out a maritime exercise, Bahrain's Interior Ministry said on Wednesday.

The ministry said it would report the incident to the Gulf Co-operation Council "and expressed its hope that such an incident would not occur in future".

The Bahraini vessels were taking part in the Manaa exercises, north of Fasht Al Dibal.

Qatar's Interior Ministry later said the boats were stopped in Qatari waters and allowed to leave after Bahraini authorities were contacted for clarification, Reuters reported.

"Bahrain has the right to continue to exercise its sovereignty over its territorial waters and conceding or giving up any part of its territory is not permissible, according to the principles of the National Action Charter and the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom," Bahrain's Council of Representatives said.

The council renewed its call to the government of Qatar to respect existing laws, the relevant international norms, and GCC agreements, regulations and decisions.

Bahrain, with Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt, cut ties with Qatar in 2017, over its support for terrorist groups.