Iran stuck in ‘uncompromising’ ideology, says Saudi envoy to US

Iran will continue to be isolated, in contrast to Saudi Arabia, which is currently chairing the G20, says Princess Reema bint Bandar

Princess Reema bint Bandar - Arab-US policymakers conference

Princess Reema bint Bandar - Arab-US policymakers conference
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Iran and its proxies are stuck in their "uncompromising, intransigent ideology" intent on destruction, Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the US Princess Reema bint Bandar said.

"There are those who want to burn it all down – destabilise everything that is stable," Princess Reema said in a recorded video message to the National Council on US Arab Relations' Arab-US Policymakers Conference on Wednesday.

"Those who have no interest in building, only in destroying, no interest in stability prosperity, only upheaval, disorder, confusion and turmoil. No interest in coexistence, only uncompromising, intransigent ideology and dogma," she said.

Princess Reema draws stark comparison between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Princess Reema draws stark comparison between Saudi Arabia and Iran

Some are "rogue actors" like ISIS and Al Qaeda, but "some are terrorist proxies of state sponsors of terror like Iran," she said.

She drew a stark comparison between Iran's current global position in being "isolated, sanctioned and ostracised" in contrast to Saudi Arabia's current position as head of the G20.

"It's because while our agenda is stability and prosperity, Iran's aggressive expansionism and support for terrorist proxies rather than their own families and children," she said.

"This choice [by the Iranian regime] to seek violence, embrace extremism, find joy in the suffering of others: it cannot be ignored," she said.

Princess Reema pushed back on allegations that Saudi Arabia is responsible for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

"We've participated in every international negotiation. We've kept every UN agreement and have worked to end the suffering of the Yemeni people as the world's largest donor in humanitarian assistance and reconstruction support."

Princess Reema: 'Houthis and Iran responsible for crisis'

Princess Reema: 'Houthis and Iran responsible for crisis'

She criticised the Houthi rebels "and their Iranian benefactors" for breaching agreements and blocking aid.

"We haven't stopped trying and recently we announced a unilateral ceasefire in hopes of jumpstarting talks," she said.

The ceasefire earlier this year saw a reduction in attacks by rebels on the kingdom but did not slow advances on the ground and ultimately ended in July.

Princess Reema also called for a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians, saying the 2000 Arab Peace Initiative was "designed to protect the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people," and achieve security for both sides of the conflict.

"Lasting and permanent stability and prosperity in any region results not from conflict but from dialogue, mediation, discussion and negotiation. That's something that the kingdom and the United States both have understood," she said calling it a "shared value" between the two nations.

Princess Reema touted the United States and Saudi Arabia's long-standing relationship.

"Our relationship is far deeper than just one Saudi leader or one American president," she said in an apparent reference to the November 3 US election won by former vice president Joe Biden.