Visitors ignore warning not to travel to Stonehenge for summer solstice

English Heritage pulls live stream of sunrise as 100 flock to prehistoric monument

A live feed of the summer solstice at Stonehenge on Monday morning was removed after people ignored advice not to travel to the historic English site.

English Heritage said “safety reasons” were to blame for the lack of a stream at sunrise, at 4.52am UK time.

Footage from the site showed about 100 people inside the stone circle and a banner reading "Standing for Stonehenge".

However, those trying to tune into the live feed could only see pre-recorded footage of the stones.

Up to 30,000 people a year normally go to watch the sun rise over the stones on the longest day of the year.

However, access to the prehistoric monument has been limited during the pandemic, with visitors required to book ahead.

“We have been disappointed that a number of people have chosen to disregard our request to not travel to the stones this morning and that is the reason why we haven't been able to bring you the pictures that we would have liked to have done,” said host Ed Shires.

"It is disappointing to see that happen but unfortunately in those kind of situations we have to put the safety of our staff members first and that's why we have had some interruption this morning."

He did not elaborate further on how attendance of people at the site prevented the live feed from going ahead.