This photograph taken on January 22, 2018 shows Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of the northern province of Balkh, during an interview with AFP at his office in Mazar-i-Sharif.
Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of the northern province of Balkh who is refusing to step down after Ghani effectively sacked him on December 18, is using the ongoing political crisis to show off his strength in an apparent campaign for next year's presidential election.
Atta Mohammad Noor, the former governor of the northern province of Balkh who is refusing to step down after Mr Ghani effectively sacked him on December 18, is using the ongoing political crisis to shShow more

Afghan governor refuses to step down and will run for presidency

Afghanistan's "King in the North" lolls in an armchair under the portrait of President Ashraf Ghani, the man who sacked him last year - and who he may now challenge for the country's top job.

Atta Noor is refusing to give up the governorship of the northern province of Balkh. Instead, he is using the political crisis to show off his strength, turning him into one of Afghanistan's most famous politicians.

The dispute comes at a bad time for Mr Ghani's US-backed government, which is facing growing public fury over recent deadly attacks in Kabul and elsewhere in the war-torn country that have laid bare its inability to protect civilians.

"They think I am a big challenge for the 2019 elections," said Mr Noor in the lavishly furnished office of the fortified governor's compound he's been the owner of since 2004.

"I am very honest and that's why people trust me. This is a very big concern for my political rivals. That is why they tried to isolate me, to decrease my popularity among the people, but it went the other way."

The decision to oust the bearded strongman on December 18 has backfired badly on Mr Ghani, who has been criticised for his poor timing and clumsy handling of the issue.

Instead of weakening a rival ahead of the presidential election, Mr Ghani has thrust the more charismatic Mr Noor onto the national stage where he has been capitalising on his newfound fame.

Meanwhile, the new governor Mohammad Daud has been forced to work in Kabul, while his predecessor continues to sit in his office in the provincial capital Mazar-i-Sharif, hiring and firing district chiefs as if to signal his authority.

In daily back-to-back meetings and televised rallies, Mr Noor has been rubbing shoulders with representatives of various ethnic groups and political parties from across the country.

The gruelling schedule, which Mr Noor's aides say often lasts until the early hours of the morning, underscores the challenge the former anti-Soviet fighter faces to broaden his appeal in a country where ethnic divisions run deep.

"I'm very happy that I've done good things and people love me but these meetings also need a lot of patience," admitted Mr Noor, who cuts a dash in a black salwar kameez and matching leather boots.


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For weeks, negotiators for Mr Ghani and Mr Noor's Tajik-dominated Jamiat-e-Islami party have been trying to resolve the conflict which has its roots in the hotly contested 2014 presidential election results.

Mr Ghani, who belongs to the country's largest Pashtun ethnic group, took the presidency in a US-brokered power-sharing deal with his rival, Jamiat-backed Abdullah Abdullah, who was named chief executive.

Jamiat has accused Mr Ghani of failing to fulfil the terms of the agreement and has submitted demands to the president's negotiators, including giving parties a bigger representation in parliament, something that would likely benefit the party.

But as the talks drag on there are growing fears the crisis could turn violent, sparking calls from the White House and others for a peaceful resolution.

"If Ghani accepts (the demands) then of course we will end the dispute," said Mr Noor, adding he would be prepared to step down.

"If he doesn't accept then we will... change our current soft behaviour."

In war-torn Afghanistan where security forces are struggling to beat back insurgents, Balkh stands out for its relative peace and prosperity.

Locals said that Mr Noor was the reason for their good fortune - an achievement that may make corruption allegations against him easier to overlook in a country where many politicians are seen as both dishonest and incompetent.

"He has constructed a lot and the security is good," Abdul Khalil said as he sat beside a wooden trailer stacked with mandarins in Mazar-i-Sharif, where there are few blast walls and security forces in the streets.

"Everyone is very happy with him."

Taxi driver Mohammad Hashem effusively described Mr Noor as the "perfect" governor, as he drove past billboards plastered with portraits of him.

Some question whether the growing support for Mr Noor, said to be one of the richest men in Afghanistan, is genuine or an opportunistic move by people hoping for a slice of his largesse.

But even if his popularity is real, many wonder if it would be possible for a non-Pashtun to win the presidency in a country where political loyalties often run along ethnic lines.

"His growing network of anti-Ghani friends across the country contains a lot of strong, proud Pashtuns who would never endorse a non-Pashtun presidential candidate," a Western official said.

But Mr Noor, who said he would only run for the presidency if Jamiat backed him, is confident Afghan voters would look beyond his Tajik roots.

"The majority of Afghans look at who can serve better, provide services and maintain security," said Mr Noor.

"The people of Afghanistan will vote for that, not for ethnicity."


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Tailors and retailers miss out on back-to-school rush

Tailors and retailers across the city said it was an ominous start to what is usually a busy season for sales.
With many parents opting to continue home learning for their children, the usual rush to buy school uniforms was muted this year.
“So far we have taken about 70 to 80 orders for items like shirts and trousers,” said Vikram Attrai, manager at Stallion Bespoke Tailors in Dubai.
“Last year in the same period we had about 200 orders and lots of demand.
“We custom fit uniform pieces and use materials such as cotton, wool and cashmere.
“Depending on size, a white shirt with logo is priced at about Dh100 to Dh150 and shorts, trousers, skirts and dresses cost between Dh150 to Dh250 a piece.”

A spokesman for Threads, a uniform shop based in Times Square Centre Dubai, said customer footfall had slowed down dramatically over the past few months.

“Now parents have the option to keep children doing online learning they don’t need uniforms so it has quietened down.”


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Starring: Nijmeh Hamdan, Kamal Kayouf, Sheikh Najib Alou

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The Limehouse Golem
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Notable cricketers and political careers
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  • Pakistan: Imran Khan and Shahid Afridi (rumoured)
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Charlie Preston (captain) – goal shooter/ goalkeeper (Dubai College)

Arushi Holt (vice-captain) – wing defence / centre (Jumeriah English Speaking School)

Olivia Petricola (vice-captain) – centre / wing attack (Dubai English Speaking College)

Isabel Affley – goalkeeper / goal defence (Dubai English Speaking College)

Jemma Eley – goal attack / wing attack (Dubai College)

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Molly Fuller – goal attack / wing attack (Dubai College)

Caitlin Gowdy – goal defence / wing defence (Dubai English Speaking College)

Noorulain Hussain – goal defence / wing defence (Dubai College)

Zahra Hussain-Gillani – goal defence / goalkeeper (British School Al Khubairat)

Claire Janssen – goal shooter / goal attack (Jumeriah English Speaking School)

Eliza Petricola – wing attack / centre (Dubai English Speaking College)