Egyptian court fines Mubarak for communications cutoff

The disruption of phone and internet service in the country during the uprising that deposed the former Egyptian president will cost him and two other officials $90 million.

CAIRO // An Egyptian judge has fined Hosni Mubarak and two other former officials $90 million for government-imposed telecommunication disruptions during the popular uprising earlier this year.

Internet and mobile phone services were cut for days when hundreds of thousands took to the streets in January to demand the president's ouster.

Judge Hamdi Okasha ordered the fine Saturday as compensation for financial losses the nation incurred during the telecommunication disruptions.

Mubarak is now in custody at a hospital pending trial on charges of corruption and conspiring in the deadly shootings of protesters.

He has been ordered to pay $33 million of the sum. Former Interior Minister Habib el-Adly will pay $50 million and ex-Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif $7 million.