Abu Dhabi fine arts studio fosters a love of ceramics across the Emirates

Sarah Al Hosani thrives on teaching people the processes behind hand-making beautiful ornaments

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During Covid-19 lockdowns, the world witnessed a rising interest in all sorts of hobbies, from baking bread to marble racing and playing with model trains.

Out of that also came an increase in the number of people signing up for crafts classes, including pottery and ceramics.

That's where Abu Dhabi studio Khazaf for Fine Arts comes in. Run by Sarah Al Hosani, the business in Mushrif opened in October 2021 and offers ceramic workshops and production to students aged from 5 upwards.

There are three types of workshops on offer: pottery hand-building; pottery wheel-throwing; and ceramic glazing.

"We also offer the studio for private and party groups, or if there’s an artist who wants to use the space for their own workshops too," Al Hosani tells The National.

"Basically the idea is to bring the art community together."

Al Hosani says it's her mission to encourage people to appreciate handcrafts and arts more.

"I’m hoping that the studio will be useful for people who are interested to learn pottery, or even people who want to spend some time while creating things with their hands or glazing some items and decorating them."

She wants people to appreciate the effort that goes into each and every piece.

"It’s not always easy and simple and it’s not made in one session, it takes some time to prepare it, so I want them to appreciate and love the process, which makes the art pieces more valuable."

Al Hosani's plan for the rest of the summer is to offer workshops in various locations, such as libraries around Abu Dhabi, and then later this year in other emirates, too. "I’m planning to participate in different events and festivals," she says.

She often gets approached by other businesses, such as coffee shops, restaurants and florists, to make ceramics for their venues.

"So we do ceramic production depending on what they request and what fits their theme and concept."

Al Hosani's passion for arts and crafts developed at a young age, she says.

"I used to always love to create things with my hands, especially things that look beautiful and also things that are practical and we can use."

She recalls collecting items from around the house and decorating them, even if only for it to sit in her bedroom where no one could see it.

She went on to study multimedia design at Zayed University, with courses in art and art history. "So that made me go into more depth in arts and understand it more. I would also say I’m more interested in art education. My love for teaching led me to this."

Updated: August 12, 2022, 6:01 PM