Worker beats colleague to death over Dh500 debt in Dubai

The men reportedly had an argument over Dh500, leading to the death of the worker's colleague.

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A Bangladeshi worker killed a colleague after a fight over Dh500 the victim owed him.

Dubai’s Public Prosecution launched investigations into the incident and officers of the Criminal Investigation Department caught the culprit shortly after he committed the crime.

A senior source at Dubai’s Public Prosecution said that the man confessed, according to Al Ittihad, The National’s Arabic sister publication.

He said that the victim, also from Bangladesh, borrowed Dh500 and refused to return it despite having been repeatedly asked.

He claimed that the victim had provoked him and an argument erupted, evolving to a fistfight which led him to hitting the victim repeatedly on the head with an iron rod.

The victim fell to the ground and died.

The source said investigators are waiting for technical reports of the forensic laboratory and the medical examiner to complete the investigation file the case to the Criminal Court.