Woman who filed rape claim charged with being a prostitute after CCTV footage emerges

Egyptian woman said an African man had broken down her door but CCTV footage showed her entering he building with different Arab men.

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DUBAI // A 40-year-old woman who called police to say she was raped was subsequently charged with prostitution after footage of her entering a building with two men emerged.

At Dubai Criminal Court on Wednesday, prosecutors said Egyptian Z S had been selling her body and, on December 13 last year, she called police to report that someone had broken down her front door and raped her.

She told prosecutors that an African man entered her apartment in Al Baraha at about 1.30am.

However, Emirati police officer F M, 38, stated in his report that the door was smashed from the inside.

“Evidence shows that there was no signs of breaking of the lock from the outside, which makes the claim false,” he said.

After confronting Z S with the CCTV footage, police said she admitted taking money from two Saudi men she met on the street in front of the building in exchange for sex.

A forensic report showed that the defendant was not pregnant and she did not have any sexually transmitted diseases.

In court on Wednesday, she entered a not guilty plea. The next hearing is on April 22.