Wife and friend charged over death of drunk husband in Dubai

Pakistani wife says her aggressive husband and friend were drinking heavily so she left them to it but returned to find her husband dead. He died of internal bleeding after an assault.

DUBAI // A wife and her husband’s friend are both in the dock over the death of the husband after the two men were binge drinking.

Pakistani AA died on October 30 last year from internal bleeding that prosecutors say was a result of a physical assault by his wife, SS, 37, and his friend, AWE, 47, Dubai Criminal Court heard on Tuesday.

The husband, whose age was not given, called his friend and countryman and asked him to bring alcohol to his home so they could drink together.

AWE arrived at AA’s home in Hor Al Anz at about 6pm and both drank for several hours.

The wife told prosecutors that her husband asked her to prepare dinner for him and his friend and she noticed at that time that her husband was completely drunk.

“I heard him and AWE screaming at each other but this is usual when he gets drunk,” she said. “I checked on them and I saw AWE was trying to calm him down.”

SS said the men drank alcohol until nearly 10.30pm when she saw AWE heading to the toilet and her husband following him.

“He was furious but he is in this state every time he gets drunk,” she said. “AWE got out of the toilet and tried to calm him down then took him to the living room and I went to the roof where I stayed alone for about an hour.”

When she headed back to her room, SS said she found her husband lying on his back and he had urinated in his trousers. She thought he was sleeping so she lay down next to him.

“But then I noticed that his body was cold,” said the wife, who called a taxi driver friend to take her husband to the hospital.

“I had customers and after I dropped them off I headed to her place about 20 minutes after her call,” said Pakistani driver BA, 39.

When BA saw his body and found no pulse, he got SS to call the police.

“The following day I learnt that AA had died and his wife called me to bail her out of prison after she was taken into custody,” said BA.

A forensics report said that the victim’s body had signs of assault, with several bruises and scratches in various areas. The report said his death was a result of internal bleeding triggered by a physical assault.

AWE was arrested in Sharjah. He and SS are both charged with physical assault that led to the death of AA. They both denied the charge in court on Tuesday morning.

“He is my husband and I have five children from him, I could never assault him,” SS told judges.

AWE confessed to an additional charge of consuming alcohol without a licence.

The next hearing will be on March 22.