Ways to protect your Facebook profile

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Here are some ways to protect your Facebook profile:

Ÿ Never add someone you don't know as a friend.

Ÿ Use the privacy settings to restrict people from finding you on Facebook, even through search engines such as Google.

Ÿ Avoid sharing personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Ÿ Choose not to share your tagged photos, as some of them could embarrass you later.

Ÿ Protect your photo albums by allowing only friends to see them.

Ÿ Be careful about which applications you allow to access your profile. They could be tied to hackers.

Ÿ Keep friendships and relationship statuses private.

Ÿ Go to the privacy settings and limit the visibility of things you post or receive.

Ÿ Never select "Everybody" on any information sharing list, as it includes people who are not on Facebook.

* Samar al Huneidi