UAE humanitarian efforts reach Afghanistan, Pakistan Palestine and Syria

The UAE has donated billions towards vital road, school and mosque projects in those countries.

ABU DHABI // Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine and Syria are among the countries that continue to benefit from the UAE's humanitarian efforts, state news agency Wam said yesterday.

Besides the active role played by the Armed Forces units in supporting the Afghan government's bid to restore security in the country, the UAE has also provided Dh5.5 billion in aid, mainly devoted to infrastructure projects such as building roads, schools, mosques and hospitals.

The UAE is the only Arab country performing humanitarian activities on the ground in Afghanistan, according to Wam and it is committed to building confidence and strengthening cooperation between Afghanistan and its neighbours, particularly Pakistan.

Given Pakistan's proximity to the Arabian Gulf region, the UAE is keen to promote stability in the country and the Project to Assist Pakistan is carrying out 28 development and humanitarian projects worth Dh200 million in South Waziristan province, including schools and colleges.

In Palestine, the UAE is a major contributor to humanitarian assistance and development projects, as well as the Palestinian Authority's budget, Wam said.

Overall, the Emirates has provided more than Dh11bn in aid to Palestinians, including development funds for infrastructure, housing, hospital and school projects. The country has also donated Dh639m towards reconstruction in Gaza.

As the second-largest Arab economy, the UAE's foreign policy is also geared towards creating greater commercial opportunities with partners.

"The UAE's fast-developing position as a financial hub for the region has further solidified and strengthened its position as a member of the global community," Wam said.

The country places great emphasis on nurturing an expansion of commercial and investment links with countries and institutions worldwide.

In line with this approach, the Government aims to strengthen cooperation through bi and multilateral partnerships with African countries.

"The UAE is keen to fight poverty and ensure that Africa receives a fair and equitable share of global prosperity," Wam added in its report.

And with the continued economic development of Asia, the UAE has stressed its desire to consolidate and develop ties with a number of Asian countries, including China and India.

Published: June 25, 2013 04:00 AM


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