The beauty of the UAE: Desert

In the build-up to the UAE's 50th anniversary, 'The National' selects the 10 most beautiful shots it has taken in the UAE's desert

Sunset at the Tal Mureeb dunes in Liwa, Empty Quarter, Abu Dhabi.

The town of Qo'a, a Bidoon community on the Abu Dhabi-Oman border.

Near the Qutuf watchtower which guarded the southern approaches to settlements in the central part of the Liwa Crescent, inhabited by the Mahadhar, in Abu Dhabi.

Sunrise at a camp set up in Dubai’s desert.

The crescent moon lake in the Al Qudra Desert, Dubai.

Near the Qutuf watchtower in the Liwa Crescent, Abu Dhabi.

Al Madam buried ghost village, Sharjah.

Desert landscape at sunset in Ajman.

Beauty of the desert landscape in Ajman.

Early morning fog in the desert in Al Badayer, Sharjah.

Updated: November 27th 2021, 7:40 AM