‘Validator’ makes bus fare easy

ABU DHABI // Buses covering Abu Dhabi and Al Ain are now equipped with a fare payment device.

Five card “validator” devices have been installed at bus entry and exit doors to calculate and deduct fares. The machines also display a card’s remaining balance.

“I’ve been using this card to test the system for about seven months now,” said a Pakistani bus driver, 45. “We need to make sure the system is ready before the launch. Testing may take another two to three months.”

The fare collection system increases passenger flow and is expected to reduce fare-related fraud and revenue loss through a secured transaction technology.

To provide more point of sales in remote areas for intercity buses, the Department of Transport has installed driver consoles in all buses. This allows passengers to buy and top up their Hafilat cards and pay for their bus fare.

After the introduction of the system, the department plans to provide new and advanced features, including mobile or online payments and the ability to pay for other transport-related services such as taxis, ferries and Mawaqif.

It is also working on plans to introduce near-field communication technology (NFC) onto buses across the network. The move means commuters can use NFC-enabled phones and will no longer need cash or smart cards to pay for their journeys.

There are also plans to increase the 350-vehicle bus fleet, which covers 60 routes within the Abu Dhabi metropolitan area.

The number of routes will also be increased.


Representing UAE overseas

If Catherine Richards debuts for Wales in the Six Nations, she will be the latest to have made it from the UAE to the top tier of the international game in the oval ball codes.

Seren Gough-Walters (Wales rugby league)
Born in Dubai, raised in Sharjah, and once an immigration officer at the British Embassy in Abu Dhabi, she debuted for Wales in rugby league in 2021.

Sophie Shams (England sevens)
With an Emirati father and English mother, Shams excelled at rugby at school in Dubai, and went on to represent England on the sevens circuit.

Fiona Reidy (Ireland)
Made her Test rugby bow for Ireland against England in 2015, having played for four years in the capital with Abu Dhabi Harlequins previously.


GMC Sierra Denali 1500

Engine: 6.2-litre V8

Transmission: 10-speed automatic

Power: 420hp

Torque: 623Nm

Price: Dh232,500

Mountain Boy

Director: Zainab Shaheen

Starring: Naser Al Messabi

Rating: 3/5

Where to buy and try:

Nutritional yeast


Organic Foods & Café

Bulletproof coffee

Wild & The Moon


Comptoir 102


Organic Foods & Café

Charcoal drinks and dishes

Various juice bars, including Comptoir 102

Bridgewater Tavern

3 Fils


Supermarkets across the UAE

The burning issue

The internal combustion engine is facing a watershed moment – major manufacturer Volvo is to stop producing petroleum-powered vehicles by 2021 and countries in Europe, including the UK, have vowed to ban their sale before 2040. The National takes a look at the story of one of the most successful technologies of the last 100 years and how it has impacted life in the UAE. 

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Company: Eco Way
Started: December 2023
Founder: Ivan Kroshnyi
Based: Dubai, UAE
Industry: Electric vehicles
Investors: Bootstrapped with undisclosed funding. Looking to raise funds from outside

25 Days to Aden

Author: Michael Knights

Pages: 256

Available: January 26

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