Sharjah Police seize more than 2,000 bikes and motorcycles in safety push

Officers and municipality workers confiscated 742 motorbikes and 1,333 bikes

Thousands of bicycles and motorbikes were confiscated in Sharjah as part of a safety drive by the emirate’s police.

More than 2,000 cyclists and motorcyclists were caught breaking rules during a traffic safety campaign launched in collaboration with Sharjah Municipality.

In a statement on social media, Sharjah Police said officers and municipality workers confiscated 742 motorbikes and 1,333 bikes over the past week.

Lt Col Mohammad Al Sheihi, from the Traffic and Patrol Department at Sharjah Police, said teams were dispatched across the city, mainly in industrial areas to catch reckless cyclists and bikers.

The campaign aims to reduce the number of road accidents caused by riders who fail to obey rules.

People were caught flouting a number of strict rules including failure to carry a valid license, not wearing adequate safety gear, and riding dangerously against the traffic.

Some offenders who were caught driving a motorcycle without a licence were referred to the Public Prosecution.

Police warned cyclists and motorbike enthusiasts to follow the rules or face the consequences, including hefty penalties.