Security guard killed after car drives into front of money exchange

The accident happened in Al Dhaid in the central region at around 10am on Monday.

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SHARJAH // A security guard was killed and another man injured after a car ploughed into the front of a money exchange.

The accident happened in Al Dhaid in the central region at about 10am on Monday when a motorist mistakenly put his car into drive instead of reverse before stepping on the accelerator pedal and driving through the front door, running over a security guard, Sharjah police said.

Emergency crews and police patrols were dispatched to the scene and the injured man was taken to hospital.

Col Ahmad bin Darwish, director of Central Region Police, urged motorists to be more careful behind the wheel and to avoid distractions that may lead to accidents.

In July this year, two men were injured after an SUV crashed through the front window of the National Paints shop in Sharjah. CCTV camera footage showed the white Toyota Land Cruiser trying to park on the street outside before suddenly shooting forward, crashing through the window and into the front desk, hitting two men in the process.

Later the same month a woman and child were killed and six people injured after a motorist crashed into an Eppco petrol station in Ajman.

The victims, a 45-year-old Asian woman and a nine-year-old Iraqi boy, were in a McDonald’s restaurant when the motorist suffered an epileptic fit, lost control of his vehicle and drove into the building.​