Dubai Police issue safety warning after seven injured in five crashes in two days

Force calls on road users to abide by traffic regulations after spate of accidents

Dubai Police warned drivers and pedestrians of the dangers of flouting traffic laws after seven people were injured in five road accidents in two days.

A senior officer said the actions of road users contributed to the string of incidents in the emirate.

Three people were taken to hospital on Tuesday with minor injuries after a five-car pile-up on Al Yilayis Road, heading towards Sheikh Zayed Road.

Speeding and a failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles caused the crash, police said.

The following day, a motorcyclist was seriously injured on Sheikh Zayed Road after being struck by a lorry driver who was reversing his vehicle.

"The lorry driver slowed down and reversed to enter a mall's car park, before he crashed into a motorcycle behind him," said Col Jumaa bin Suwaidan, acting director of the general department of traffic at Dubai Police.

The police chief mentioned three further accidents during the past 48 hours that demonstrated the need to take extra care on the road, whether behind the wheel or on foot.

He said most traffic accidents resulted from breaches of the law, including failure to maintain a safe distance between vehicles, jaywalking and speeding.

In a third incident, a pedestrian suffered minor injuries when hit by a minibus.

An accident on Dubai Water Canal Bridge involved a motorcyclist crashing into a car in front of him.

The biker was apparently too close behind the leading vehicle. He sustained moderate injuries.

Two lorries were also involved in a crash on Business Bay Crossing Bridge, causing minor injuries to one of the drivers.