Driver killed in Sharjah after colliding with stray camel

Sharjah Police say there has recently been a number of injuries and deaths to motorists caused by stray animals wandering on the highway.

SHARJAH // A 29-year-old Emirati motorist was killed after his vehicle hit a stray camel that had wandered onto the road.

The incident happened on Friday afternoon on Suhaila Road in the Al Dhaid area, reported Al Ittihad, the Arabic-language sister newspaper of The National.

The driver hit the camel, then swerved into the path of a lorry.

He sustained multiple injuries and was dead by the time ambulances arrived.

He was taken to Al Dhaid Hospital to finalise all procedures before handing his body over to his family.

A police spokesman said stray animals had caused a number of traffic accidents in Sharjah recently, the majority of which resulted in deaths or serious injuries to motorists.

Published: May 25, 2014 04:00 AM