'There is no way I'd give my car up. I love it'

Eugene Harnan

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - APRIL 22:  Mohammed Juma Khair Mohammed, pictured with his Infiniti G35, in the Jumeirah area of Dubai on April 22, 2010. Mohammed, who also drives a Hummer, says he will never give up his cars for the Metro.  (Randi Sokoloff / The National)  For News (Metro) story by Eugene Harnan
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Mohammed Juma, 32, lives close to Al Quoz station but would never contemplate leaving his beloved Hummer H3 or his sporty Infiniti G35 parked in his driveway. "There is no way I'd give my car up. I love it and the Metro is very different to driving. It doesn't go where I want to go most of time anyway," he said. "I've used the Metro once but I prefer driving. It is what I like doing, and in Dubai the car is still the best way to get around."

Mr Juma believes the Metro is good for the city it is just not good for him. "There are still lots of good new roads here and it is easier to get around now. I know lots of people are using [the Metro]."