The hunt is on to find Abu Dhabi's 'missing' millionaire

Organisers of the Big Ticket Millionaire raffle have been unable to reach winner Ravindra Boloor to inform him of his good fortune

Organisers of the Big Ticket are trying to track down Ravindra Boloor to tell him he has scooped the Dh10 million jackpot.
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Ravindra Boloor is a millionaire, he just doesn’t know it yet.

Mr Boloor won a Dh10 million jackpot in the Big Ticket Millionaire raffle in Abu Dhabi on Wednesday night.

But when the draw’s host phoned the number on the winning ticket, Mr Boloor was nowhere to be found.

Instead, a woman who said she is Mr Boloor’s daughter answered the call from India and asked the host to call back in a week's time. She informed the host that Mr Boloor was in Mumbai and would return to Abu Dhabi later this month.

The Big Ticket Instagram page has a launched a #FindRavi hashtag with a plea for people in the UAE and Mumbai to help the raffle track down the lucky winner.

“I’m making a special appeal right now to everybody in Mumbai or everybody who knows the winner,” said the programme’s host on an Instagram video. “Help me find him today. You will help me change his life.”

Big Ticket Millionaire is the longest running raffle at Abu Dhabi International Airport.

Perhaps it is unsurprising then that it isn’t the first time a winner has been out of the country.  In 2017 winner Manekudy Varkey Mathew, an electrician living in Al Ain, could not be reached because he had gone home to India.

Winners have six months to claim the prize money.