Mars Mission: UAE's Hope probe sends home images as it hits 100 million-kilometre mark

The spacecraft is now five weeks into its 200-day journey to the Red Planet

Images beamed back from the Hope probe show Saturn and Jupiter, as it continues its high-speed journey towards Mars.

The orbiter has now clocked more than 100 million kilometres since its launch in Japan late last month.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai, shared two images on Twitter on Monday showing the progress it has made since.

“A photo captured by Hope Probe stars-tracking camera,” wrote Sheikh Mohammed in a message accompanying the pictures.

“Today, the probe has travelled more than 100 million kilometres on its journey to the Red Planet. Mars is ahead of us and we have passed Saturn and Jupiter as shown in the pictures.

“The expected arrival is in February 2021, God willing.

“Reaching our goal requires that we don't look back.”

It is the second time Sheikh Mohammed has shared an image of space captured by the Hope Probe.

Four days after the orbiter made its historic blast from the site in Japan, Sheikh Mohammed posted an image showing its first glimpse of Mars.

Once it reaches the Red Planet, the probe will collect scientific data about the planet's unique weather system to provide a complete picture of the Martian atmosphere.

The probe is scheduled to reach the Red Planet in February. It will have covered about 500 million kilometres in the 200-day journey.

The United States and China both launched Mars missions during the same blast-off window in July.